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Captain Artiglio

GUNLAND 3: CODA, by Captain Artiglio

GUNLAND 3: CODA, by Captain Artiglio

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The Doolin brothers meet three very different destinies as their paths reconverge to save the universe. Will the Girl with No Name find peace? Will the wild bunch accept its fate? How much glue does it take to make a giant monster out of the bones of a thousand dead? All these questions will be answered in an epic race to the finish to this wild sci-fi western by the amazingly imaginative Captain Artiglio! NOW SHIPPING!


The third and final volume in the gonzo weird west trilogy from the wild imagination of Captain Artiglio.


Written and Illustrated by: Captain Artiglio


PAGES: 184 pages
FORMAT: Softcover
SIZE: 6.5" x 9"


March, 2021

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