Tony Sandoval

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1000 STORMS, by Tony Sandoval
Lisa is a lonely girl who enjoys wandering nature and collecting odd bones and pebbles. The other kids think she’s...
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DOOMBOY, by Tony Sandoval
 D's not trying to be a rock god. He's just a lonely teenager with an active imagination playing songs to...
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An autobiographical account of crossing the US/Mexican border in the name of love, by three-time Eisner Award–nominated artist Tony Sandoval....
THE WINDY DAY, by Tony Sandoval
A young girl sets out on her own to fly her kite and encounters a pirate cloud full of goblins...
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WATERSNAKES, by Tony Sandoval
A delicate coming-of-age story filled with beautiful and surreal imagery by six-time Eisner Award–nominee Tony Sandoval. THREE TIME 2019 EISNER...
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