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JD Morvan

IRENA, Book 3: Life After the Ghetto, by Morvan, Tréfouël, and Evrard

IRENA, Book 3: Life After the Ghetto, by Morvan, Tréfouël, and Evrard

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Book 3 in the true-life trilogy about Irena Sendlerowa, a member of the Citizen Center for Social Aid during the Second World War who saved 2,500 children from the Nazi-occupied Warsaw Ghetto. NOMINATED FOR A 2021 EISNER AWARD!


The true tale of Irena Sendlerowa, a social worker in the Warsaw ghetto in the early 1940s, during the early days of German occupation. She is credited for saving the lives of 2,500 Jewish children by gradually and quietly smuggling them to safety in small groups. While she is eventually arrested by Gestapo, imprisoned, and tortured for her actions, she refuses to reveal her network and is condemned to death. She is ultimately saved from death by other members of her organization. After the war, she retrieved the names of all children she saved (kept in a glass jar buried under a tree behind her house) and attempted to locate each of their parents for a reunion. And while most of the parents had been gassed in the Holocaust, she made it her mission to help those orphans find new homes. 

This third and final volume focuses on Irena's later years, flashing back to her ongoing efforts to reunite the children she saved with their families, despite the tragic consequences many of those parents faced in the Nazi prison camps. Her mission to help those orphaned find new homes led to her worldwide recognition, including being nominated for a Nobel Prize, in the years shortly before her passing in 2008.



Written by: Jean-David Morvan and Séverine Tréfouël
Illustrated by: David Evrard


PAGES: 104 pages
FORMAT: Hardcover with curved corners
SIZE: 8.5" x 11"


In stores October 2020

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