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IRENA, Book 3: Life After the Ghetto, by Morvan, Tréfouël, and Evrard (Pre-order)
$19.99 $13.99
Book 3 in the true-life trilogy about Irena Sendlerowa, a member of the Citizen Center for Social Aid during the...
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IRENA, Book 2: Children of the Ghetto, by Morvan, Tréfouël, and Evrard (Pre-order)
$19.99 $13.99
Book 2 in the true-life trilogy about Irena Sendlerowa, a member of the Citizen Center for Social Aid during the...
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THE ADOPTION, by Zidrou and Arno Monin (Pre-order)
$24.99 $17.50
Gabriel’s retired life is turned upside down when his son and daughter-in-law adopt an orphaned girl from Peru. He was...
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MISTER INVINCIBLE, by Pascal Jousselin
Meet Mister Invincible — he has the amazing power to bend space and time… by breaking the rules of comic...
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GUNLAND, by Captain Artiglio
$19.99 $12.99
In a bizarre sci-fi western world, where cyborg bounty hunters ride dinosaurs and magical skulls give powers to alien outlaws,...
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INFINITY 8 vol. 7: ALL FOR NOTHING, by Lewis Trondheim and Boulet
Part Seven in the eight-part pulp sci-fi epic INFINITY 8, this standalone adventure introduces us to Douglas, an average alien...
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An abandoned stretch of road in the middle of the desert, a rusty old gas station, and a plume of...
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MILO'S WORLD BOOK 3, by Richard Marazano and Christophe Ferreira
The village's tranquility is once again threatened as a mysterious girl is found floating in the lake, one who has...
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KLAW vol.3, by Jurion and Ozanam (Softcover)
Wanted fugitive and secret were-tiger Angel Tomassini is about to find himself in the center of an age-long war between...
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GENPET, by Alex Fuentes and Damian
A crazy, sci-fi adventure about a boy who adopts a genetically engineered monster for a bodyguard. An adventure-filled story with...
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THE BALLAD OF YAYA Book 6, by Patrick Marty, Jean-Marie Omont, and Golo Zhao
Lost and alone, with little memory of how she wound up in the winter wilderness, young Yaya must survive the...
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Young Zelphire Sylvan Khelmann’s friends have been abducted by the wicked Dreghan Cult who are searching for the burial palace...
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NILS: THE TREE OF LIFE, by Jerome Hamon and Antoine Carrion
In a distant future where nature has reclaimed much of the Earth, young Nils and his father set out to...
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