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TIMOTHY TOP Book 3, by Gud

TIMOTHY TOP Book 3, by Gud

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Timothy Top has been kidnapped by aliens to grow plants in space, while the wicked Mr Plumbee turns the town into concrete and prepares to rule the world! Can Timothy escape and save his friends, family, and the planet before its too late?


Timothy Top has been kidnapped by aliens along with his entire family, and his super-powered friends, Electra Allen, Silvia, and Tony, have all been frozen as statues by the wicked Super Mr. Plumbee. The pompous megalomaniac has turned the town of Bratisbona into concrete, covering even the last petal of the last flower in view, and now, accompanied by the sweet touch of snow, is preparing to conquer the world. But it seems Plumbee is shaken by loneliness and a distant pain, while Timothy, locked in a cell in space, grows plants on command for his alien captors. Will he be able to escape and save his friends and the rest of the world? Gud closes the exciting children's saga with an episode where the grace of saving memories alternates with action, bringing out the best of human beings and of the whole planet.


Written and Illustrated by: Gud


PAGES: 120 pages
FORMAT: Softcover with curved corners
SIZE: 7.5″ x 10″


September 4, 2019

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