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Federico Rossi Edrig

THE SCARECROW PRINCESS, by Federico Rossi Edrig

THE SCARECROW PRINCESS, by Federico Rossi Edrig

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A creepy tale of teen angst and revenge. When Morrigan is dragged along to a new town with her mother and brother she is basically mad at the world. But when her family disappears and a mysterious (and handsome) stranger comes calling, things start to get interesting.


Morrigan Moore has always been moody, but her new home is the worst. Her novelist mother has dragged her to the countryside, drawn by the lost myth of the King of Crows, a dark figure of theft and deceit, and the Scarecrow Prince, the only one who can stand against him. When Morrigan finds herself swept up in the legend, she'll have no choice but to take on the Scarecrow Prince's mantel, and to stand and fight. For her town, her family, and her own future.

This lushly drawn graphic novel will pull you into its sinister secrets and not let go till the final page. For fans of Coraline and Over the Garden Wall.


Written and Illustrated by: Federico Rossi Edrig


PAGES: 160 pages
FORMAT: Paperback
SIZE: 6" x 9"


October 31, 2017

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