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AFTER THE FALL, by Juzhen and Queyssi

AFTER THE FALL, by Juzhen and Queyssi

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Earth. 116 years after the fall. Giala and her tribe live amongst the ruins of a metropolis turned upside down. When a gang of slave traffickers attacks them, the men are executed and the women are enslaved. Narrowly escaping, Giala has only one thing in mind: to rescue the children of the tribe and set things right. 


A dystopic tale of revenge and discovery, as the central heroine encounters new allies and enemies in her search for security and justice. Along the way, she meets a band of mutants with strange powers that will ultimately lead to the discovery of the ultimate secret: the source of the cataclysm that led to the Fall…

A retro post-apocalyptic tale lushly illustrated by the modern and flamboyant design work of artist Juzhen mixing the best aesthetics of brawling video games and 90s action films, like FIST OF THE NORTHSTAR and MAD MAX.



Written by: Laurent Queyssi
Illustrated by: Juzhen


PAGES: 96 pages
FORMAT: Hardcover with spotUV gloss and curved corners
SIZE: 8.5" x 11"


September, 2021

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