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Horrible Future

BLACK BOX CHRONICLES (Hardcover Edition)

BLACK BOX CHRONICLES (Hardcover Edition)

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15 intertwined shared-universe stories by a collection of celebrated comic artists tracking mankind's journey beyond the stars. NOW SHIPPING!


BLACK BOX CHRONICLES is an interconnected sci-fi anthology chronicling mankind's journey into interstellar space. Each story has been recovered from a ship's flight data recorder: a Black Box.  

The 15 stories in BLACK BOX CHRONICLES span various sci-fi genres, from a test pilot battling wits with soulless corporate A.I. to incredible discoveries that will change the course of humanity. Somewhere between wonder and heartbreak, this collection of speculative sci-fi explores the human condition as it collides with technology and the unknown. Welcome to The Great Outward Expansion.

This exciting new universe bursts onto the scene in a 172-page graphic novel anthology.  A bold series of tales by a collection of comics' most talented creators spanning centuries of a fantastic yet plausible future. The time of the Great Outward Expansion is gritty and dangerous.


Written by Mark Schey, Chris Northrop, and Taki Soma
Illustrated by Zach Howard, Drew Moss, Michael Avon Oeming, Giovanni Rigano, Christian Dibari, Mario Alberti, Eryk Donovan, David Messina, Marco Fodera, Gavin Smith, and Toru Terada.
Cover by David Mack


PAGES: 172 pages 
FORMAT: Hardcover with curved corners and blue metallic foil elements
SIZE: 8.5″ x 11″


November, 2023

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