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Enrique Fernández

BRIGADA, by Enrique Fernández

BRIGADA, by Enrique Fernández

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From celebrated illustrator, Enrique Fernández comes a spectacular and psychedelic fantasy graphic novel set in a vibrant magical world where a strange and dangerous mist has settled over the land. Anyone who wanders into the mist is transported to different and faraway lands, with no rhyme or reason, and only a band of criminal dwarves can solve the mystery.


Called back from retirement to command a brigade of remorseless criminals, Captain Ivro has more than just their mission in mind -- he’s in search of some redemption as well.  Tasked with exploring a realm fragmented by a mysterious mist that seemingly braids new worlds into their own, they must set aside their wartime rivalry with the Dark Elves to combat the common dangers that grow in the wake of this spreading evil.  But nothing is more dangerous than a brigade of men who can’t be trusted...

From world-famous master-illustrator ENRIQUE FERNANDEZ comes a spectacularly gorgeous and psychedelic series of fantasy graphic novels.


Written and Illustrated by: Enrique Fernández


PAGES: 112 pages
FORMAT: Hardcover w/ curved corners and spot-glossed elements
SIZE: 8.5" x 11"


December 7, 2016

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