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Carbon Grey Bonus Map

Carbon Grey Bonus Map

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Carbon Grey with our Bonus Map! This 24x36" double-sided map features two unique and immersive locations for your role-playing game: a snow-covered battlefield and a ruined village. Each side is beautifully illustrated and packed with detail, bringing the world of Carbon Grey to life on your tabletop.


24” x 36” map


Snow-covered battlefield map

Ruined village map


Use the snow-covered battlefield to stage epic battles, set ambushes, or lead your troops to victory in the midst of war. The rugged terrain, dotted with trenches, bunkers, and artillery emplacements, will provide ample cover for your troops and keep your enemies on their toes.

On the other side of the map, you'll find a ruined village, abandoned and left to the ravages of time. The crumbling buildings, broken walls, and debris-filled streets provide the perfect setting for daring urban adventures. Navigate the twisted alleys, avoid hidden traps, and outmaneuver your enemies to uncover the secrets of this forgotten place.

Whether you're a seasoned role-playing game veteran or a newcomer to the world of Carbon Grey, our bonus map is the perfect addition to your gaming toolkit. Add it to your collection today and experience the thrill of war-torn adventure and exploration in this amazing dieselpunk universe! Explore Magnetic Press Play for more!

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