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Magnetic Press

Carbon Grey Cannon Walker

Carbon Grey Cannon Walker

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The Carbon Grey Cannon Walker is the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology and raw power. This imposing miniature stands 96mm tall and is made up of two easy-to-assemble pieces. With its massive cannon and sturdy construction, this walker adds a new level of strategy and excitement to your game.


  • One large Cannon Walker miniature (96mm tall)

  • Comes in two easy-to-assemble pieces

  • Highly detailed sculpt and paintwork

  • Sturdy construction for long-lasting use

Assemble this beast with ease, thanks to its two easy-to-assemble pieces, and unleash it upon your enemies. Whether you are battling for control of a war-torn city or fighting off an alien invasion, this towering colossus will give you the edge you need to emerge victorious. Its massive cannons can rain destruction down upon your foes from a distance, while its sturdy legs allow it to trample enemies beneath its feet with ease. Visit Magnetic Press Play for more tabletop accessories!

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