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Magnetic Press

Carbon Grey Hero Mini Set (x11)

Carbon Grey Hero Mini Set (x11)

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Magnetic Press Play’s Carbon Grey Hero Mini Set features an epic collection of 35mm Hero miniatures! This set includes 11 unique characters, each with their own backstory and special abilities, ready to join you on your next adventure.


1x 35mm Moonlighter

1x 35mm Royal Operative

1x 35mm Reluctant Mentor

1x 35mm Fenris Wolf

1x 35mm Giselle Grey

1x 35mm Wolf General

1x 35mm Dogfighter

1x 35mm Master Spy

1x 35mm Sovereign

1x 35mm Free Lady

1x 35mm Dharman Adept

From the skilled Moonlighter to the fierce Fenris Wolf, the Hero Mini Set has everything you need to bring the world of Carbon Grey to life. These exquisitely crafted miniatures are certain to bring new levels of excitement and depth to your game, whether you are an experienced tabletop gamer or new to the realm of role-playing. Get ready to explore the war-torn and dieselpunk universe of Carbon Grey in style with this incredible set of heroes!

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