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CONVOY by Kevan Stevens and Jef

CONVOY by Kevan Stevens and Jef

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A gonzo collision of MAD MAX and FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS by Kevan Stevens and Jef. NOW SHIPPING!


It’s 2074, and the Earth is an abused ruin, a landscape of desolation thanks to mankind’s inability to live in moderation. Pockets of makeshift civilization are spread out like islands in a sea of wasted misery, a distance that only the craziest and most desperate madmen dare to traverse. Alex and Fonzie are two such individuals, and they are about to take the contract of their lives leading a convoy of misfits and mercenaries on a mission to deliver a cargo of precious medicine across the desolate plain. They’ll face lawless hordes and competing agents, and their fleet will winnow before they reach their destination, but none of those opponents will be prepared for Alex and her wily ways…


Written by Kevan Stevens
Illustrated by Jef
Cover by Jef


PAGES: 124 pages 
FORMAT: Hardcover with curved corners and metallic foil logo
SIZE: 8.5″ x 11″


August, 2023

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