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DAOMU, by Kennedy Xu and Ken Chou

DAOMU, by Kennedy Xu and Ken Chou

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Sean Wu had no idea of the secrets kept by his estranged father until his death kicked open the gates to a mysterious world of international tomb robbers and ageless myths. Now the sole heir to this critical legacy, he must survive the darkest terrors haunting the most sought-after treasures buried hidden within a globe-spanning labyrinth of ancient catacombs in order to solve his father’s murder and perhaps even save the world…

Based on the best-selling Chinese novel series DAOMU JOURNAL, written by Xu “Kennedy” Lei, this original graphic novel collects the sold-out series created by the celebrated artists under the direction of James Zhang’s Concept Art House. As a result of this riveting masterwork, over 20 million fans have started declaring Xu as ‘China’s Stephen King’.

This 244-page hardcover features a soft-touch textured cover with embossed elements, highlighting the strikingly rendered painted artwork on both the front and back cover. The 225-page epic storyline is supplemented by concept artwork and additional design material further exploring the world of Daomu.

Uncover The Secrets. Enter the World of Daomu.

At Magnetic Press, we are proud to be known as "the HBO of Comics" – a platform for the very best in character design, concept art, and compelling storytelling. Whether you're looking for an edge-of-your-seat thriller, a character-driven mystery, or a thought-provoking work of art, you'll find it all at Magnetic Press.

Daomu meets the criteria for a truly exceptional graphic novel, and is an experience you won't want to miss. So order your copy today and step into the thrilling world of Daomu!


Story: Kennedy Xu
Writer: Colin Johnson
Principal Artist: Ken Chou
Lettering: Tom Orzechowski
Design: Neurobellum Productions


PAGES: 244 pages
FORMAT: Hardcover 
SIZE: 8.5" x 11"


February 11, 2015

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