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Jerome Hamon

DREAMS FACTORY, by Suheb Zako, Jérôme Hamon

DREAMS FACTORY, by Suheb Zako, Jérôme Hamon

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Something is stealing the children in this magical version of 1892 London. Indira sets out to save her little brother but discovers a vast wicked secret beneath the streets. NOW SHIPPING!


London, 1892. Like most children in the working-class town where she lives, Indira works in the coal mines every day without protest. But when her little brother Eliott disappears, nothing matters anymore... She embarks on a desperate quest to find him and discovers that he is not the only child to have mysteriously disappeared. All clues seem to point to the same person: Cathleen Sachs, the wealthy owner of the coal mines. But why would she kidnap these children?

From the acclaimed writer of NILS: THE TREE OF LIFE and animation designer SUHEB ZAKO (Netflix’s “ARCANE”), this adventurous tale of magic and mystery leaps off the page like an animated feature in print.



Written by Jérôme Hamon

Illustrated by Suheb Zako


PAGES: 136 pages
FORMAT: Hardcover with spotUV gloss and curved corners
SIZE: 8.5" x 11"


August, 2022

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