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Alex Fuentes

GENPET, by Alex Fuentes and Damian

GENPET, by Alex Fuentes and Damian

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In the year 2036, young Nat Kanan's dad buys him the most sought after new gift: a genetically designed "genpet". But Nat's genpet is designed with a specific mission: to protect him from the dangerous criminal elements roaming future New York City!


In the year 2036, advances in genetic engineering have made it possible to create personalized pets genetically designed and linked to their owners. These “Genpets” are still a toy for the elite. Fortunately Nat Kanan’s dad is the new owner of the New York Knicks and can afford it. But he might have another reason to buy little Nat such an extravagant pet: protection.  Within an hour of their returning home to New York with the strange new creature, they are attacked by gunmen, sending Nat and his new best friend Niko fleeing into the scary streets of NYC. Soon it becomes clear that Niko was designed to be the ultimate bodyguard, with talents that attract the attention of the local mafia boss who has other ideas about how to put those skills to use… in an arena.

A crazy, sci-fi adventure about a boy who adopts a genetically engineered monster for a bodyguard. An adventure-filled story with subtle notes about friendship, commitment, and justice told in a unique visual style, like a modern toon with a feature-film budget. 


Written by: Damian
Illustrated by: Alex Fuentes


PAGES: 112 pages
FORMAT: Softcover with curved corners
SIZE: 8" x 11"


April 15th, 2020

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