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INFINITY 8 vol. 8: UNTIL THE END, by Lewis Trondheim and Killoffer

INFINITY 8 vol. 8: UNTIL THE END, by Lewis Trondheim and Killoffer

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The mystery unfolds as the true conspirator behind the galactic mausoleum is revealed... as the captain of the Infinity 8! Ageless grudges boil to the surface and only one man can save the universe: Lieutenant Reffo! NOW SHIPPING!


The key to the mystery lies in the past, when the intergalactic confederation decided to organize the genocide of the Tonn Shärs, an alien species ​​whose temporal powers are far too powerful for the taste of other races. Only 88 Tonn Shärs, ​​including the captain of the Infinity 8, were kept alive and under the yoke of the Confederation. In the 30 years since this massacre, the 88 surviving Tonn Shärs pretended to be obedient, but patiently waited for revenge.

In this eighth and final reboot, the hour for vengeance has come. The seven previous temporal reboots allowed the captain to drop his mask: caught in a crisis of violence, he puts to death all the previous space liner agents... except for one: Lieutenant Reffo is saved by the time-traveling robot, Hal. Revived by their robot technology, Reffo develops a plan to prevent the captain from destroying the Confederation, by creating an army of the dead, raised from the necropolis itself. This plan will require the six previously-assigned agents: officer Yoko Keren, the impulsive Stella Moonkicker, the marshall Emma O'Mara, Patty Stardust, Ann Ninurta, Leïla Sherad, and even little Douglas. A crack team for a final conflict!


Written by: Lewis Trondheim
Illustrated by: Killoffer


PAGES: 96 pages
FORMAT: hardcover with spotUV and curved corners
SIZE: 7.5" x 11"


Now shipping; In stores October , 2020. 

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