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KLAW: WERE-WARS The Forgotten Expansion Set

KLAW: WERE-WARS The Forgotten Expansion Set

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The two immutable Zodiacs have been affecting events since the dawn of recorded history, giving birth to both myth and legend. While there have been ageless conflicts between them, the motivation seems to come from the aspirations of their chosen host. 

Each of these spirits has unique powers and abilities that can lead a Dizhi to greatness if wielded wisely... But as powerful as the Totems may be, they are powerless without an experienced HOST to give them form. A vast array of unique and diverse individuals bring their own talents and skills to what can add up to an extremely formidable Dizhi foe.

A copy of the Forgotten Zodiac expansion featuring 120 new cards, 30 new punchout tokens, and additional gameplay conditions for use with the KLAW: WERE-WARS card and dice game.

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