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MEZKAL by Kevan Stevens and Jef

MEZKAL by Kevan Stevens and Jef

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A psychedelic mix of BREAKING BAD, DESPERADO, and a just whisper of APOCALYPSE NOW in a gonzo graphic novel by Kevan Stevens and Jef. NOW SHIPPING!


Vananka Darmont’s life has sucked since his Indian father stuck him with such a weird name before disappearing. When he comes home from his soul-draining job to find his mother dead from an overdose, he decides to abandon the $31k in debt she left him to find a new life in Mexico. But trouble follows him like a shadow, and he soon finds himself wrapped up in a world of drug smugglers, white supremacists, and federal agents. In the middle of all that, however, is perhaps the one good thing ever introduced to his life: Leila. And when she’s kidnapped, rescuing her becomes his single purpose.


Written by Kevan Stevens
Illustrated by Jef
Cover by Jef


PAGES: 192 pages 
FORMAT: Hardcover with curved corners and metallic foil logo
SIZE: 8.5″ x 11″


August, 2023

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