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Richard Marazano

MILO'S WORLD BOOK 2, by Richard Marazano and Christophe Ferreira

MILO'S WORLD BOOK 2, by Richard Marazano and Christophe Ferreira

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Milo's life will never be the same now that he knows his magical heritage. Called back to the land under the lake, he sets out to find the wicked Black Queen who is terrorizing the countryside. But when she turns out to be someone familiar, will he be able to stop her from ending the world?


The land under the lake really has turned upside down! Milo is summoned back to the strange, magical land (introduced in the first volume) by the Sorcerer, Valia's father, who was not only his enemy, but supposedly! But the Sorcerer is very much alive, and he needs Milo's help... It seems the village Milo befriended is in dire straights: the goldfish is very sick, the children have all been captured by giant spiders, and Valia has gone missing, all victims of the mysterious Black Queen. And apparently, Milo is the only one left who can find them and stop the Queen from wreaking further havok. His journey, however, uncovers a string of startling surprises... A beautifully illustrated, family-friendly, magical adventure in the vein of AMULET, THE WIZARD OF OZ, etc. The second of three self-contained story volumes.


Written by: Richard Marazano
Illustrated by: Christophe Ferreira


PAGES: 120 pages
FORMAT: Hardcover 
SIZE: 8.5" x 11"


December 10, 2019

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