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THE MONKEY KING (Complete Odyssey) by Chaiko

THE MONKEY KING (Complete Odyssey) by Chaiko

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320 pages of legendary Wushu fantasy brought to life in a breathtaking, cinematic graphic novel illustration by the amazing Chaiko! NOW SHIPPING!


Born from a stone struck by lightning, mischievous monkey Sun Wukong sets out on one adventure after another, exploring the wonders of the world and the heaves above in a saga filled with action, magic, mystery, and betrayal.

This ancient legend has entertained audiences since it was first told in 16th-century China and is widely considered one of the greatest novels ever written. It has been translated and adapted into more languages and media than nearly any other tale, with its central character representing the archetype for the modern "scoundrel hero." It has unquestionably inspired countless popular tales of their own, including anime favorites such as Dragon Ball and Naruto.

Now, artist Chaiko brings his unique and dynamic style to this classic adventure, filling each page with a colorful personality that injects new life into this unforgettable fantasy. Each exciting encounter builds upon the last, creating a saga that truly surpasses the test of time.

This smaller-sized trade paperback includes all 320 pages of the tale.


Written and Illustrated by: Chaiko


PAGES: 320 pages
FORMAT: Trade Paperback
SIZE: 6.5" x 9"


May, 2023

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