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Reynes and Vernay

WATER MEMORY, by Matieu Reynes and Valerie Vernay

WATER MEMORY, by Matieu Reynes and Valerie Vernay

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Marion and her mother return to an ancient family home to begin a new life after a tragic recent past. As her mother settles into local life, Marion is drawn to the nearby sea, and to a local legend that may not be a legend at all.


A new life begins for Marion when her mother inherits an old family house and decides to make it their new home. With its own private beach and a view of the sea, the house has all the makings of a happy new life. But when Marion discovers strange rock carvings nearby, and learns that a sinister-looking lighthouse watchman may be part of a local legend come to life, it becomes clear that things are not as idyllic as they seemed.


Written by: Matieu Reynes 

Illustrated by: Valerie Vernay


PAGES: 108 pages
FORMAT: Paperback
SIZE: 6" x 9"


September 5, 2017

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